COMMELEC NRP70 Kick-off meeting, January 16, 2015

The website for the kick-off meeting can be found here.

EPFL labs involved: LCA2 (Le Boudec), DESL (Paolone), LA (Jones), LENI (Maréchal), RISD (Sifakis), PEL (Dujic)
Industrial Partner: ABB (Oudalov)
Advisory Board: AXPO (Dinser), Romande Energie (Bifrare), Swissgrid (Khatir), ELCOM (Finger)

The COMMELEC NRP70 is a SNF National Research Project.

GECN - a protocol for using demand-response as an ancillary service

We are developing the "Grid Explicit Congestion Notification", a communication protocol that enables the control of distributed resources for providing ancillary services to the grid (such as voltage control). A central controller with access to the electrical network state (e.g., by running a state estimation algorithm on data collected from deployed PMUs) takes control decisions and broadcasts a unique control signal per bus. Each resource (e.g., electrical appliance, battery, or supercapacitor) reacts to this signal as dictated by its resource-specific controller, which takes into account the resource's state and the signal intensity.

People involved: Nadia Christakou, Dan-Cristian Tomozei

Wireless communication for the smart-grid

The smart-grid requires reliable and timely communication. Furthermore, it is desirable to deploy inexpensive communication infrastructure. However, these two requirements are often conflicting. In this activity we investigate the possibility of using wireless infrastructure. This solution is expected to be cheap. However, it is unclear whether it can meet the desired performance requirements. Concretely, we propose using directional antennas to interconnect measurement sites with the monitoring and control center, possibly over multiple paths. We are evaluating the quality of the wireless channels and packet loss correlation across several links.

People involved: Vincent Brillault, Miroslav Popovic, Dan-Cristian Tomozei

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